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Program Overview

The eLearning program for the Medium Rigid (MR) course has been specifically designed to help develop the vital knowledge and techniques to enhance any career within the Road Transport Industry and drive a Medium Rigid vehicle.

Presented in a simple, interactive format, the program can be controlled by the individual depending on the amount of detail wanted or needed. Clients can dive deeper into sections to be provided with more detail explanations, diagrams or supporting videos. The program also contains assessments that have been put in place to monitor client progress and knowledge retention. Completing each section to the appropriate pass mark successfully allows our clients to receive the program completion certificate. The assessments can be taken at any time and can be repeated within the section, if needed.

But, it isn't all about driving! There is other vital knowledge that comes hand in hand with driving any heavy vehicle and is critical to long-term success in the industry. There are 7 main sections within the program of ‘other knowledge’ and although each one in its own right is important, collectively they compliment each other creating a powerful knowledge base to strengthen your skills, knowledge and capabilities, making our clients valuable assets to any employer or business owner. They are –

The drive components have been separated into 4 main sections, they are –

The design of the program supports RTO's delivering the practical aspects of TLI10 Transport and Logistics Training Package - Certificates II - III in Driving Operations, covering the following units of competencies –

The Medium Rigid eLearning Program supports the Medium Rigid Licence. Although these vehicles are commonly synchromesh gearboxes, there are 3 gearbox classifications as follows –